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FotoSketcher – Makes sketches for your photos

FotoSketcher is the freeware that we are going to talk about. It is a simple tool with very easy controls. The usage of this tool is that easy that there can not be a chance of making any mistake. If the user has some prior knowledge about the software’s like paint and Photoshop. The usage of controls is like a cake walk.

To make a sketch of your picture all you have to do is to select the picture that is present on your hard drive and then from the pull-down menu select the type of sketch you want and adjust the settings that you want for the picture. A small preview box will appear so that every time you may not need to go back and check the image. Some of the important features are listed below:


* Free to download.
* Works on all OS.
* No additional requirements needed.
* Total size of 3.89 MB.
* The latest version is 1.96
* New painting effect with automatic brushstrokes


When it comes to the performance of the FotoSketcher then it stands on it. The sketches that comes out looks like a fine piece of art. The special feature of this program is that is includes the option to batch process multiple photos at once and the different ability to apply the text to the picure with the point and click.


It can convert all the pictures into the select pencil drawing style, pen and ink, or painting, along with several faders for adjusting color and intensity


It has special preview feature which will allow to see the changes made to it immediately instead of making the changes saving it and again going back to see it. This makes the interface much more friendly.


FotoSketcher is better than any other sketching tools available in the market today because of the special user preview feature and the ability of it to convert the photos to the pencil ,pen or ink drawing makes it really unique.


* Easy to use user interface
* Compatible on all versions of Windows Operating Systems


* May have some problem in installing.


This tool is very simple to use and it can be used to change your picture to a sketch. The sketches that’s comes out looks like the one drawn by the professional. So what are you waiting for try it and make your own sketches. The sketches can also be gifted to any one on any occasion.

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